Farnborough FC Supporters Trust AGM 2017

Please be advised that the Farnborough FC Supporters Trust AGM will take place on Thursday 27th April at 7.30pm in the Platinum Lounge at Farnborough FC.
Our Chairman, Garry Ward will be up for re-election and there are a further 3 board positions available for anyone who wants to get involved and help, and have a say in how the Trust and indeed the club is run. If anyone is interested, please get in touch or make your interest known on the night.

Please find attached links to the previous FaST AGM minutes and the agenda for this years meeting below:

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FaST Board Meeting Monday 30th January 2017 – 7:30pm Held at Farnborough Football Club

Present: Garry Ward, Phil Martin, Paul Spicer, Kevin Dyer, John Davey.

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Luke, Rob, Brian and Malcolm.

2. Secretary’s Report
AGM date set for Thursday 27th April at 7.30pm.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Cash at Dec 3rd £7915. Cash in during Dec/Jan including Standing Orders, 50/50 ticket sales, donations, Boost the Boro collections and memberships: £466 + £844. Outgoings for same period including Boost the Boro payments: £587 + £737. Cash in bank as at 28th Jan £790.

4. Membership Secretary’s Report
Currently running at 49.

5. FaST projects
Pitch perimeter fence ongoing. No funding required at this moment in time. FaST advertising sign to be designed by Luke and Phil/Kevin to speak to Signs Express
For costing.

6. Matters arising from AOB
Having funded the construction of the new burger bar, FaST would like to know if sales
are up and if so by how much on a percentage basis. Phil/Kevin to take forward to the
next board meeting. Use of the Yela Bus as suggested by FaST member, John Ellis, as a possible means of transport for a FaST subsidised supporters coach to away games was discussed. There is a £10 annual membership fee. Hire charge is £15 + £1.10 per mile. Driver is an additional £1.10 per mile over 50 miles. Buses have 15 passenger seats.

7. AOB
Membership benefits. As we are trying to increase membership numbers, a discussion
was held about possible FaST membership benefits. It was suggested and agreed that
we would resume the discount on away travel by refunding members on the supporter’s
coach the sum of £2. It was also suggested that members would receive a free soft drink
when purchasing food from the FaST Food burger bar. For this membership cards would
be required and there was questions as to whether these were still issued.
Graham Ellicott Donation. Graham, a previous FaST chairman/secretary/board member
of many years is completing a sponsored 75 mile cycle ride in aid of The Royal Free
Hospital and it’s Liver Cancer charity. The board thought it appropriate to make a
donation of £100 to Graham’s fund in recognition of his many years service to the trust
and Farnborough supporters. Vandalised toilets. Kevin and Phil asked the Trust, on behalf of the club, if it could help out financially with the repair of the vandalised toilets. A plan was being formulated to substantially reinforce the building to prevent any further structural damage, probably by the use of steel plating. The majority of the work will be carried out in the close season. It was agreed by the board that a sum of £1500 would be put aside to help fund the project.

8. Date and time of next meeting
Monday 3rd April.

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BARTON (Play-Off Final) and EGHAM (Play-Off Semi-Final) – 50/50 Draws

The prize of £207 for the Barton Play-Off Final 50/50 draw was won by John Thompson. The winning ticket number was 3864. John kindly donated £7 back to the FaST funds. Thanks to all who bought tickets.

The prize of £121 for the Egham Play-Off Semi-Final 50/50 draw was won by Sarah Hoyle. The winning ticket number was 3295. Thanks to all who bought tickets.

The black bucket on the FaST table can be used to contribute to the ‘Boost the Boro’ scheme which makes contributions to the Player Budget. The Egham collection was upwards of £110 swelled by anther large donation from Richard Davies. Thank you Richard.

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FaST Board Meeting Thursday 4th Aug 2016 7:30pm Held at Farnborough Football Club

Present: GW, PM, JD, KD, BB.

  1. Apologies for absence. Apologies had been received from Paul, Rob, Luke and Malcolm.
  2. Secretary’s Report. The Registered Address of the Trust is now Phil’s home address having been transferred from outgoing secretary Graham Ellicott’s address.
    Phil reported back the he had been invited to the Farnborough FC board meeting held on 26th July 2016, attended by owner Rob Prince, Chairman Simon Gardener, Club Secretary Jim Hardy and were later joined by Manager Spencer Day. Notable items of interest to FaST were:
  •  The relationship between the club and Farnborough Youth was explained by Rob and how the two parties are planning to work together more with the youth adopting the same kit and occasional use of the ground.
  • The club is to adopt a local charity which it is hoped will be Frimley Park Children’s Ward.
  • Players would be asked to mingle more with the supporters, especially in the bar after a match.
  • Rob outlined plans to produce lots of flyers for circulation to the local community throughout the season with special promotions, 2 for 1, kids free etc.
  1. Treasurer’s Report. Although Paul was absent a brief rundown was given by Phil of the latest position following consultation with Paul.
    As of 30th July. Cash in bank £9650 plus membership fees held by Bob/Phil
    Loan made to club of £690. Burger bar profits to service this loan. £155 profit made at Kingstonian friendly to be repaid imminently.
    Future payment for burger bar costs, £813.37 to Phil for materials. Neil Shoesmith’s labour charges likely to be £1500 on his return from holiday.
    Hence £7500 approx for future projects plus Boost the Boro.
  2. Membership Secretary’s Report. 48 paid up members, 3 renewals pending.
  3. FaST projects including Boost the Boro scheme. Kevin gave the board members present a tour of the burger bar.
    Flood light bulbs had been replaced the previous day, the money for which was loaned to the club by FaST, using a cherry picker funded by FaST.
    Boost the Boro at an early stage. More information to follow at next board meeting when hopefully Paul will be present to give us an update.
  4. A.O.B. A couple of items were raised for Phil/Kevin to take forward to the next club board meeting:
  • Any possibility of a fans forum or social evening with the players.
  • An update on the Cafe as FaST money had helped with the refurbishment of
    the kitchen.
  • What are the plans for it/are we going to rent it out?

    Date and Time of next meeting.
    T hursday 6th October, 7.30 in Platinum Lounge at Farnborough FC.


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Boost The Boro – A call to action!


Following a FaSt board member meeting earlier this month we are pleased to announce our new Player Wages Sponsorship Scheme as mentioned in our previous updated.

FaST requests fans (members and non-members) to join in the ‘Boost The Boro’ Scheme.

This will include the following methods of payment towards the club’s player budget:

  • Standing Orders, Electronic Transfers or Cheques made payable to FaST
  • One-off donations to FaST specifically for ‘Boost The Boro’
  • Bucket collections among fans on match days plus a donation bucket on
    the 50/50 table
  • Membership fees income raised by more fans joining FaST  will help to support FaST contributions to the scheme. This also enables new members access to FaST membership benefits such as future reduced costs of travelling on coaches
    (subject to demand)

Let the fans Boost The Boro for a successful season in 2016/2017!

The banking details are:
Sort Code: 089299
Account Number: 65165579
Quote reference: Boost The Boro

Download a sponsorship form here, visit us on the 50/50 table on home match days
or email farnboroughfast@gmail.com with the subject ‘Boost The boro’
to pledge your support!

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FaST Update

FaST have now finalised the make up of the Board following the AGM recently held.
The members are:-

Garry Ward – Chairman

Phil Martin – Secretary

Paul Spicer – Treasurer

Luke Burford – Design/Website

Kevin Dyer – Club Management

Malcolm Upward – Farnborough Youth

Rob Matheson – Community

Brian Blewett – Board Member

John Davey – Board Member

FaST are pleased to advise that a meeting was recently held with Club Owner Rob Prince and Club Chairman Simon Gardener. We agreed to forge closer links between FaST and the Club Management in future and so will hold joint meetings to enable the views of the Club and FaST on behalf of its membership be fully aired. From this we will seek to deal with ongoing issues on a mutually beneficial basis.

As an initial step FaST have been requested to give consideration to fronting and administering a new ‘Players Wages Sponsorship Scheme’ supported by FaST and club fans. Further details will follow.

FaST are also in the process of costing the refurbishment of the toilets serving The Cherrywood Bar and The Platinum Lounge. This work will be met from FaST funding.

Finally, FaST are pleased to announce that the new tuck bar known as ‘FaST Food’ financed by and the conversion work carried out by FaST will be ready to open for the new season.

Garry Ward


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FaST Statement Concerning the Future Possibility of a Community Owned Club

There has been much discussion between fans at games and via the internet and social media regarding a community owned Farnborough Football Club and some of this has referred to FaST. Perhaps firstly it would be timely to restate the Objectives of FaST that are contained within its Model Rules and these are:

  1. to strengthen the bonds between the Club and the community which it serves and to represent the interests of the community in the running of the Club;
  2. to benefit present and future members of the community served by the Club by promoting encouraging and furthering the game of football as a recreational facility, sporting activity and focus for community involvement;
  3. to further the development of the game of football nationally and internationally and the upholding of its rules;
  4. to encourage the Club to take proper account of the interests of its supporters and of the community it serves in its decisions;
  5. to encourage and promote the principle of supporter representation on the board of any company owning or controlling the Club and ultimately to be the vehicle for democratic elections to the Board;
  6. to promote, develop and respect the right of members of the community served by the Club and dealing with the Society as set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, having regard in particular to the need to provide information to members and conduct the affairs of the Society in accessible and appropriate ways;

As you will see from the above there is a strong emphasis for FaST to work with all Community Stakeholders to further their interests in the running of the club. FaST via its membership of Supporters Direct and its current links with Rushmoor Council and strong support from the local community in general via the good works of ‘Farnborough FC in the Community’ is well placed to help facilitate a community owned Farnborough FC should the current owners decide that the club is no longer for them.  If the opportunity arises for a community owned Farnborough FC then FaST will work with other interested parties to make this opportunity a reality. In the meantime FaST will continue to operate to improve the infrastructure at the ground and is always open to having a dialogue with any interested parties about the future of the club.

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