FaST Board Meeting Thursday 4th Aug 2016 7:30pm Held at Farnborough Football Club

Present: GW, PM, JD, KD, BB.

  1. Apologies for absence. Apologies had been received from Paul, Rob, Luke and Malcolm.
  2. Secretary’s Report. The Registered Address of the Trust is now Phil’s home address having been transferred from outgoing secretary Graham Ellicott’s address.
    Phil reported back the he had been invited to the Farnborough FC board meeting held on 26th July 2016, attended by owner Rob Prince, Chairman Simon Gardener, Club Secretary Jim Hardy and were later joined by Manager Spencer Day. Notable items of interest to FaST were:
  •  The relationship between the club and Farnborough Youth was explained by Rob and how the two parties are planning to work together more with the youth adopting the same kit and occasional use of the ground.
  • The club is to adopt a local charity which it is hoped will be Frimley Park Children’s Ward.
  • Players would be asked to mingle more with the supporters, especially in the bar after a match.
  • Rob outlined plans to produce lots of flyers for circulation to the local community throughout the season with special promotions, 2 for 1, kids free etc.
  1. Treasurer’s Report. Although Paul was absent a brief rundown was given by Phil of the latest position following consultation with Paul.
    As of 30th July. Cash in bank £9650 plus membership fees held by Bob/Phil
    Loan made to club of £690. Burger bar profits to service this loan. £155 profit made at Kingstonian friendly to be repaid imminently.
    Future payment for burger bar costs, £813.37 to Phil for materials. Neil Shoesmith’s labour charges likely to be £1500 on his return from holiday.
    Hence £7500 approx for future projects plus Boost the Boro.
  2. Membership Secretary’s Report. 48 paid up members, 3 renewals pending.
  3. FaST projects including Boost the Boro scheme. Kevin gave the board members present a tour of the burger bar.
    Flood light bulbs had been replaced the previous day, the money for which was loaned to the club by FaST, using a cherry picker funded by FaST.
    Boost the Boro at an early stage. More information to follow at next board meeting when hopefully Paul will be present to give us an update.
  4. A.O.B. A couple of items were raised for Phil/Kevin to take forward to the next club board meeting:
  • Any possibility of a fans forum or social evening with the players.
  • An update on the Cafe as FaST money had helped with the refurbishment of
    the kitchen.
  • What are the plans for it/are we going to rent it out?

    Date and Time of next meeting.
    T hursday 6th October, 7.30 in Platinum Lounge at Farnborough FC.



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