FaST Board Meeting Monday 30th January 2017 – 7:30pm Held at Farnborough Football Club

Present: Garry Ward, Phil Martin, Paul Spicer, Kevin Dyer, John Davey.

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Luke, Rob, Brian and Malcolm.

2. Secretary’s Report
AGM date set for Thursday 27th April at 7.30pm.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Cash at Dec 3rd £7915. Cash in during Dec/Jan including Standing Orders, 50/50 ticket sales, donations, Boost the Boro collections and memberships: £466 + £844. Outgoings for same period including Boost the Boro payments: £587 + £737. Cash in bank as at 28th Jan £790.

4. Membership Secretary’s Report
Currently running at 49.

5. FaST projects
Pitch perimeter fence ongoing. No funding required at this moment in time. FaST advertising sign to be designed by Luke and Phil/Kevin to speak to Signs Express
For costing.

6. Matters arising from AOB
Having funded the construction of the new burger bar, FaST would like to know if sales
are up and if so by how much on a percentage basis. Phil/Kevin to take forward to the
next board meeting. Use of the Yela Bus as suggested by FaST member, John Ellis, as a possible means of transport for a FaST subsidised supporters coach to away games was discussed. There is a £10 annual membership fee. Hire charge is £15 + £1.10 per mile. Driver is an additional £1.10 per mile over 50 miles. Buses have 15 passenger seats.

7. AOB
Membership benefits. As we are trying to increase membership numbers, a discussion
was held about possible FaST membership benefits. It was suggested and agreed that
we would resume the discount on away travel by refunding members on the supporter’s
coach the sum of £2. It was also suggested that members would receive a free soft drink
when purchasing food from the FaST Food burger bar. For this membership cards would
be required and there was questions as to whether these were still issued.
Graham Ellicott Donation. Graham, a previous FaST chairman/secretary/board member
of many years is completing a sponsored 75 mile cycle ride in aid of The Royal Free
Hospital and it’s Liver Cancer charity. The board thought it appropriate to make a
donation of £100 to Graham’s fund in recognition of his many years service to the trust
and Farnborough supporters. Vandalised toilets. Kevin and Phil asked the Trust, on behalf of the club, if it could help out financially with the repair of the vandalised toilets. A plan was being formulated to substantially reinforce the building to prevent any further structural damage, probably by the use of steel plating. The majority of the work will be carried out in the close season. It was agreed by the board that a sum of £1500 would be put aside to help fund the project.

8. Date and time of next meeting
Monday 3rd April.


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