Cherrywood Chance

Support your local team and win cash prizes!!!

The Cherrywood Chance lottery is now operating under the control of the Cherrywood Social Club and the new Lottery Promoter is Graham Ellicott. This move of ownership for Cherrywood Chance means that Farnborough Football Club no longer controls the funds raised. The Committee of the Cherrywood Social Club whose constitution makes no mention of Farnborough Football Club will now administer Cherrywood Chance monies.

Several regular players of Cherrywood Chance have discontinued their standing orders and in some cases it has been indicated that this was because of the direct link of the lottery with the old Farnborough Town Football Club. Now that this link has been severed if these previous players would like to return then obviously they would be welcomed back with open arms!

Any new possible players out there would also be welcomed and Standing Order Mandate forms are available by contacting Graham Ellicott via or by calling 07957 624477. Similarly please feel free to make contact with regard to any questions that you might have regarding Cherrywood Chance.

Remember you can’t win cash prizes if you don’t play!

To play Cherrywood Chance just fill out a standing order mandate (see link at bottom of page for a downloadable form) or buy lottery tickets from your local agent. How does ‘ Cherrywood Chance’ work? For each £1 you spend per month you will be allocated a unique chance (number) and at the end of the month all the chances will be entered into a draw. If one or more of your chances is drawn, congratulations – you’re a winner! It’s as simple as that.

Chances can be purchased from the Farnborough Social Club, The New Inn, Blackwater; The Hawley Arms, Farnborough, The Fox, Farnborough; The Rock Box, Camberley; The Spring Lake Country Club, Aldershot.
What are the prizes? Each month, we draw a number of prizes.

  • 1st Prize 25 – 27.5% of the monthly receipts
  • 2nd Prize 15 – 17.5% of the monthly receipts
  • 3rd Prize 5 – 10% of the monthly receipts

The value of the total monthly prize money shall not be below 45% of the monthly receipts or above 55% of the monthly receipts. The annual total prize money shall be 50% of the annual income.

How do I join? To join, simply pick up an application form and return it to the address shown. Why not do it today?

Why not become an agent as well and earn commission ? Becoming an agent is easy – just call the club office on 01252 541469 for more details.

Farnborough Football Club
Cherrywood Road
GU14 8UD


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