FaST Update

FaST have now finalised the make up of the Board following the AGM recently held.
The members are:-

Garry Ward – Chairman

Phil Martin – Secretary

Paul Spicer – Treasurer

Luke Burford – Design/Website

Kevin Dyer – Club Management

Malcolm Upward – Farnborough Youth

Rob Matheson – Community

Brian Blewett – Board Member

John Davey – Board Member

FaST are pleased to advise that a meeting was recently held with Club Owner Rob Prince and Club Chairman Simon Gardener. We agreed to forge closer links between FaST and the Club Management in future and so will hold joint meetings to enable the views of the Club and FaST on behalf of its membership be fully aired. From this we will seek to deal with ongoing issues on a mutually beneficial basis.

As an initial step FaST have been requested to give consideration to fronting and administering a new ‘Players Wages Sponsorship Scheme’ supported by FaST and club fans. Further details will follow.

FaST are also in the process of costing the refurbishment of the toilets serving The Cherrywood Bar and The Platinum Lounge. This work will be met from FaST funding.

Finally, FaST are pleased to announce that the new tuck bar known as ‘FaST Food’ financed by and the conversion work carried out by FaST will be ready to open for the new season.

Garry Ward


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FaST Statement Concerning the Future Possibility of a Community Owned Club

There has been much discussion between fans at games and via the internet and social media regarding a community owned Farnborough Football Club and some of this has referred to FaST. Perhaps firstly it would be timely to restate the Objectives of FaST that are contained within its Model Rules and these are:

  1. to strengthen the bonds between the Club and the community which it serves and to represent the interests of the community in the running of the Club;
  2. to benefit present and future members of the community served by the Club by promoting encouraging and furthering the game of football as a recreational facility, sporting activity and focus for community involvement;
  3. to further the development of the game of football nationally and internationally and the upholding of its rules;
  4. to encourage the Club to take proper account of the interests of its supporters and of the community it serves in its decisions;
  5. to encourage and promote the principle of supporter representation on the board of any company owning or controlling the Club and ultimately to be the vehicle for democratic elections to the Board;
  6. to promote, develop and respect the right of members of the community served by the Club and dealing with the Society as set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, having regard in particular to the need to provide information to members and conduct the affairs of the Society in accessible and appropriate ways;

As you will see from the above there is a strong emphasis for FaST to work with all Community Stakeholders to further their interests in the running of the club. FaST via its membership of Supporters Direct and its current links with Rushmoor Council and strong support from the local community in general via the good works of ‘Farnborough FC in the Community’ is well placed to help facilitate a community owned Farnborough FC should the current owners decide that the club is no longer for them.  If the opportunity arises for a community owned Farnborough FC then FaST will work with other interested parties to make this opportunity a reality. In the meantime FaST will continue to operate to improve the infrastructure at the ground and is always open to having a dialogue with any interested parties about the future of the club.

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FaST Video

Have you checked out our latest promotional video by our friends at FC Video?

You can find out a whole lot more about us by simply clicking below…

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Away Travel Update


  • TONBRIDGE ANGELS – Saturday 3rd October – Leaves 12:45pm – FaST members £19; non-members £21; under 16s £10. As always prices will reduce once bookings exceed 20 people. ONLY HAVE 9 BOOKINGS FOR THIS TRIP. COACH CANCELLED.
  • BOGNOR REGIS TOWN – Tuesday 13th October – Leaves 17:30pm – FaST members £19; non-members £21; under 16s £10. As always prices will reduce once bookings exceed 20 people. ONLY 4 BOOKINGS FOR THIS COACH SO FAR. COACH CANCELLED.

Unfortunately it seems we are no longer able to get sufficient bookings to run away coaches. So until further notice this travel option will not be available to fans. If you intend to travel to an away match by car and have seats to spare, then please offer them to other fans on the Fans Forum.

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Wheelchair Toilet Installation – FaST Bucket Collections

To continue the ongoing developments of our Stadium and in line with ground regulations, FaST has undertaken to assist with the provision of toilet facilities for wheelchair users.

This will mean the conversion of the current Ladies toilet under the main stand and work has already been started by FaST Board member Phil Martin. Phil has removed the existing toilet facilities and will being completing all the work required. If you would like to see how work is progressing then please ask at the 50/50 table.

This development is being funded totally by FaST, but contributions towards the cost would be most welcome. Please give any donation you can when the bucket collection comes round the ground, or at the 50/50 table. The first bucket collection at the Staines match raised £111 – which a great start. Thanks very much to all fans who contributed.

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FaST Appeal and AGM notification

Notice of AGM

Please note that the FaST AGM will take place in the Platinum Lounge in the Clubhouse at 1930 on 30 April 2014.


The agenda will be:-

1. Welcome.
2. Apologies for absence.
3. Minutes of 2012 Meeting and Matters Arising.
4. 2013 Report
5. 2013 Accounts
6. General Discussion – The Future of FaST.
7. Election of Directors.
8. Re-appointment on Independent Examiner of Accounts.
9. AOB.

If you want FaST to continue operating then please read on!

FaST – An Appeal

Many supporters will be aware that the number of Board Members serving FaST has reduced over the past 12 months to the extent that the situation is now critical and the Trust is running below the permitted level under the terms of its Model Rules.

The next AGM is approaching and will be held on 30 April 2014 in The Platinum Lounge. As always at this time, we ask for members to put their names forward to seek election as a Board Member. Please contact the Secretary Graham Ellicott on 07957624477 or speak to the Membership Secretary Bob Perry on a match day at the 50/50 table. Additionally, if other supporters who are not currently members of FaST are interested in this position we would simply ask them to join at a payment of £10 renewable annually and then seek election in the same way. We would ask that they use the same contacts as above.

FaST must stress to all supporters that if there are insufficient Board Members elected at the forthcoming AGM, then the Trust will have no alternative but to declare this in its return to the Financial Conduct Authority and this will in turn result in the Trust being dissolved and thus all benefits and fan representation will be lost.

FaST has done much good work over the years since it was formed in 2006 and without the huge sum raised amounting to approximately £120,000 many beneficial projects would not have reached fruition. Arguably the club would not have built the new PRE stand due to be opened shortly and otherwise could have been demoted due to failing to meet Conference ground grading requirements. It goes without saying that there is nothing so galling but for a club to lose it’s playing status due to off the field matters.

Many other projects have been supported including the new kitchen for The Farney’s Restaurant; the area converted to standing room in the John O’Hara stand and pitch renovation works in the last close season. Also more recently floodlights renewal. Without FaST support this would have been a major loss of benefit to both the club and the fans.

We, therefore, ask all fans even if they do not agree with all the aspects that FaST have supported over the years, whether they are prepared to let the Supporters Trust die with the loss of a vital form of support to the club with project fund raising and representation of the fans. We appreciate that we have not achieved one of our main objectives which is representation on the Club Board but the Trust continues to pursue this and the dissolution or the Trust would mean that this would not be possible.

The Trust feels strongly that it wishes to gain the support of the fans and exert influence with the club that it previously enjoyed and the only way forward is to engage a strong board with the optimum number of members. Please give your candidacy to serve this important part of the club your most serious consideration as the very existence of The Trust is at stake and there will not be a second chance.

Thank you for reading this message and even if you do not wish to put your name forward we would urge you to at least renew your membership or join FaST. Together we can build a strong future looking to benefit both our beloved club and its fans.

Come on you Yellowssssssaaaaaaa.

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Bob Williams – Rest In Peace

We are sure all Boro fans will be sad to hear of the passing of one of their own. Bob Williams passed away during the night of Friday 14th February after fighting two forms of cancer for some time.

Bob was an enthusiastic supporter of Farnborough Football Club and a constant member of the Farnborough Supporters Trust.

He watched the matches with his long-time friend Dave Ogden and loved nothing better than to leave Dave at few minutes before the end of the game to exchange banter with other Boro fans on the way out.

Until quite recently he was still making regular use of the coaches to watch Boro’s away matches.

On behalf of all Boro fans, FaST mourns Bob’s passing. He will be sadly missed by his family and all his friends.

The funeral  will be at Aldershot Crematorium on Monday 3rd March at 11:30am – all Boro fans are welcome to attend. A £50 donation will be made to Cancer Research UK on behalf of Boro fans. This choice of charity was made by Bob’s family.

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